Australian Rotary Health is advertising for a PhD Scholarship in Epigenetics.

The scholarship is valued at $29,000 per annum for up to 3.5 years.  This amount relies on a university/institute contribution of $11,000 per annum.

Only applicants about to commence their PhD in early-2016 and those without concurrent scholarships funding, are eligible to apply.  The scholarship is open to Australian/New Zealand citizens or permanent residents only.

Please see the application form here and visit Australian Rotary Health website for more information.

Note that applications close Friday, 11th December.



·     Applicants must be eligible to undertake a PhD program in a University or Research Institute in Australia
·     Applicants must be an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or New Zealand citizen, and not be under bond to any foreign government in order to be eligible. Evidence of citizenship (citizenship certificate, birth certificate, passport) or residential status must accompany this application.
·    Applicants receiving additional stipend funding, such as an APA or NHMRC scholarship, are not eligible to apply. If you have not yet received confirmation of additional funding, you may still apply for this scholarship, but must notify Australian Rotary Health immediately if an offer is made, in which case your application will be withdrawn.