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TitleNamePositionLab / InstituteResearch InterestsState
Australian Capital TerritoryACT
DrAdam CookPostdoctoral FellowGenome Biology Department, John Curtin School of Medical ResearchHistone dynamics; histone chaperones; molecular immunology; DNA repairACT
DrCandice SheldonCSIRO Agriculture FlagshipEpigenetic regulation of gene expression in plantsACT
DrChris HelliwellCSIRO Plant IndustrymiRNA function in rice and polycomb group protein function in ArabidopsisACT
ProfDavid TremethickHeadDepartment of Genome Science, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANUACT
DrDiep GangulyPhD CandidatePogson Lab, Australian National UniversityDNA Methylation, Stress Priming, Transcriptional RegulationACT
ProfFrances ShannonJohn Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National UniversityACT
DrJanine DeakinA/ProfInstitute for Applied EcologyComparative epigenomics of the vertebrate immune system and sex determinationACT
Jean FinneganEpigenetic regulation of genes in response to environmental conditionsACT
ProfJennifer GravesComparative genomics; evolution of mammalian genome and genomic imprinting; X inactivationACT
Liz DennisResearch FellowCSIROEpigenetic control of plant developmentACT
DrMelanie Jane MorrismicroRNA, EMT, epigenetics, cancerACT
Robert McCuaigPhD StudentRAO Epigenetics Lab, University of CanberraCancer T-Cells epigenetics therapy biomarkersACT
New South WalesNSW
Aaron StathamManager - Informatics pipelineKinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics and cancerNSW
MsAlexandra McCorkindalePhD studentEpigenetics Laboratory, Victor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteStem cell bioloogy, small RNA biology, CancerNSW
DrAlyson AsheDECRA FellowUniversity of SydneyTransgenerational epigenetic inheritanceNSW
MsAmanda KhouryPhD StudentEpigenetics Laboratory, Garvan Institute of Medical Research3-Dimensional chromatin conformationNSW
DrAmita LimayeResearch OfficerCancer Epigenetics, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigeneticsNSW
MsBernadette JonesPhD studentMicrobiology, Asthma & Airways Research Group, Hunter Medical Research InstituteEpigenetics in COPD developmentNSW
DrBrian Stewart GlossThe Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetic changes in the development of ovarian cancer; to develop early disease diagnostic testsNSW
DrBrigid O'GormanScience Media and Communications Officer; AEpiA website coordinatorGarvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics in health and diseaseNSW
MissCarly HynesPhD studentRNA Biology, Molecular Genetics Division, Victor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteMicroRNANSW
DrCaroline FordTeam LeaderLowy Cancer Research CentreBreast cancer; ovarian cancer; Wnt signalling; metastasisNSW
A/ProfCatherine SuterHeadEpigenetics Laboratory, Victor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteEpigenetics in mammalian phenotypic variation and diseaseNSW
Chris O'Neill-NSW
DrChristopher CazzonelliSenior Lecturer/ResearcherEnvironmental Epigenetics Laboratory, Hawkesbury Institute for the EnvironmentGenetic, epigentic and RNA regulatory mechanisms controlling secondary metabolism; plant acclimation and adaptationNSW
DrClare StirzakerGroup LeaderGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetic deregulation in cancerNSW
DrDarya VanichkinaResearch OfficerBioinformatics Group, Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program, Centenary Institute, University of SydneyEpigenetics, BioinformaticsNSW
DrDavid AbelsonAdvanced Trainee, Respiratory MedicineRoyal Prince Alfred / St Vincent's HospitalData - analysis in epigenetics - interested in meeting peopleNSW
MrDavid William WatersPhD CandidateHunter Medical Research InstituteEpigenetics of Lung CancerNSW
Eric BrenyaHawkesbury Institute for the Environment, UWSMolecular Plant Pathogen InteractionNSW
DrFatima Valdes MoraTeam Leader Cancer Epigenetic Biology and Therapeutics, Children's Cancer InstituteHistone variants/nucleosome positioning/ single-cell omics/epigenetic mechanisms NSW
A/ProfGarry MyersLecturer in Molecular BiologyiThree Institute, University of Technology SydneyGenomics and epigenomics of infectionNSW
DrHannah NicholasLecturer in Molecular BiologySchool of Molecular Bioscience, University of SydneyGene regulation development; c. elegansNSW
DrHeather Lee Lecturer The University of Newcastle Single cell technologies, DNA methylation dynamics NSW
DrJames BlackburnSenior Research OfficerThe Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics, cancer and evolutionNSW
DrJason LowPostdoctoral FellowSchool of Molecular Bioscience, University of SydneyChromatin remodelling, transcription regulation, mass spectrometryNSW
Jason RossGenome-wide methylation analysis; RNA mediated transcriptional silencingNSW
DrJennifer CropleyPost Doctorate ScientistVictor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteEnvironmental influence on epigenetic states and epigenetic inheritenceNSW
Jenny LiuRelationship between folate and aberrant DNA methylation in colorectal cancerNSW
DrJoanna Achinger-KaweckaResearch OfficerEpigenetics Research Program, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetic deregulation in cancerNSW
John ChristodoulouStudying Rett syndrome at the clinical and laboratory level, including the genes MECP2 and CDKL5NSW
John PimandaReconstructing gene regulatory circuits in early blood developmentNSW
DrJoice Kuroiwa-TrzmielinaGenomics Research AssistantKinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics in breast cancerNSW
DrJoshua HoLaboratory HeadVictor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteBioinformatics, chromatin biology, systems biologyNSW
MrJustin BloomfieldPhD candidateSouthern Cross Plant Science, Southern Cross UniversityEpigenetic profiling of Brassica reproductive development and response to variable nutrient regimesNSW
DrJustin Jong-Leong WongGroup LeaderGene Regulation in Cancer Lab, Centenary InstituteEpigenetic regulation of splicingNSW
DrKate PattersonScience Communicator & Biomedical AnimatorGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigeneticsNSW
MsKate SkultePhD StudentGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchNucleosomes, chromatin structure, temporal gene expression, histones, histone modificationsNSW
Ksenia SkvortsovaPhD StudentEpigenetics Research Program, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics, cancerNSW
DrLee ZhengCommercial ManagerAustralia Technologies Investment CommitteeEpigenetics of cancerNSW
DrLuke HessonCancer; epigenetics; cell biologyNSW
Lynne PurserPublic education and genetic informationNSW
DrMadhavi MaddugodaPost-doctoral writer and illustratorGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigeneticsNSW
A/ProfMaija Kohonen-CorishLab HeadThe Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchMethylated biomarkers in lung and colorectal cancerNSW
DrMichael BucklandNeuropathologistRPA Hospital and University of SydneyBrain Tumours, neurodegenerationNSW
MrNavind JayasooriahPhD StudentVictor Chang Cardiac Research Institute non coding RNA, extracellular vesicles NSW
DrOzren BogdanovicLab HeadDevelopmental Epigenomics Lab, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchDNA methylation, epigenomics, embryogenesis, evolutionNSW
ProfPeter MolloySenior Principal Research ScientistCSIRO Food and Nutrition FlagshipDNA methylation in colorectal cancer; DNA methylation technologiesNSW
DrPhuc-Loi LuuPost docGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchComputational EpigenmonicsNSW
Qian DuPhD StudentGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchDNA methylation; replication timing; cancer; epigenetic propagation; chromatin remodelling;NSW
MsRazia ZakaryaPhD CandidateUniversity of Technology, SydneyRespiratoryNSW
MsRebecca PoulosPhD CandidateBioinformatics and Integrative Genomics Group, UNSW AustraliaCancer genomics, bioinformatics, epigenetics, gene regulation, melanoma, colorectal cancerNSW
ProfReginald LordConsullting surgeonSt. VincentÍs Hospital, St. VincentÍs Private Hospital, Macquarie University Hospital, and UNSWGene expression and DNA methylation in Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinomaNSW
MrReinhard RyanBSc (HONS) Intern 2010piRNAsNSW
Richard P. HarveyDeputy Director and HeadDevelopmental Biology Division, Victor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteCardiac development and congenital heart disease, and biology of endogenous cardiac stem cellsNSW
DrRobert William RapkinsPost Doctoral Research AssociateMedical Epigenetics Laboratory, Integrated Cancer Research Group, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSWCharacterisation of the epigenetic modifications associated with germline epimutations that predispose to cancerNSW
Robyn WardLowy Cancer Research CentreEpigenetics and colorectal cancerNSW
DrRomain BarresLecturerUNSW, Faculty of Medicine, School of Medical SciencesEpigenetics, muscles, type 2 diabetesNSW
MsRuslana KoreshoffBSc studentMacquarie UniversityEpigeneticsNSW
DrRuth PidsleyPostdoctoral ResearcherGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchDNA methylation; Biomarkers; Prostate Cancer; Complex human diseaseNSW
DrSally EatonPostdoctoral ScientistVictor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteTransgenerational epigeneticsNSW
DrSalvatore Sebastiano GambacortaThe Order of Apothecaries of AustraliaLifestyle MedicineNSW
SrStephen BradfordResearch ScientistGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and CSIROEpigenetics, adipocytes, developmentNSW
ProfSusan ClarkDivision Head; AEpiA PresidentGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics and cancerNSW
DrTamas ZakarPrincipal Scientist & Professor (Conjoint)Hunter Medical Research Institute, John Hunter Hospital & The University of NewcastlePregnancy and parturition, control of gestational length, placenta, fetal membranesNSW
Tennille SibbrittResearch AssistantGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchmiRNAs, CancerNSW
A/ProfThomas PreissHead, RNA Biology LaboratoryVictor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteRNA Biology; mRNA translation, polyadenylation and decay; noncoding RNANSW
DrTim MercerLab HeadThe Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchRoles of noncoding RNA in brain development and functionNSW
DrTim PetersBioinformatics Research OfficerGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchStatistical Genomics, Bioinformatics, DNA Methylation, Transcriptomics NSW
DrUlf SchmitzResearch OfficerGene & Stem Cell Therapy Program, Centenary InstituteEpigenetic regulation of splicingNSW
MrsVanisri RavirajBreast cancer cell migration and epigenetics; HDAC-specific regulation of invasion in high density 3D matrixNSW
Vidya Nelaturiinvestigating methylation as a means ofæpropagatingælong term nutritional programmingNSW
DrWarwick LockePost Doctoral Research AssociateGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchBreast cancer; epigenetic biomarkersNSW
Wenjia QuSRAGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigeneticsNSW
Yagiz AlagozPhD studentEnvironmental Epigenetics Lab (EEL) / Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE) - Western Sydney University (UWS)Plant Epigenetics; Riboswitches; Regulatory Role of 5'UTRs in Plant mRNAs; Synthetic Biology; CRISPR/Cas9 ApplicationsNSW
MsYolanda Colino SanguinoResearch AssistantGenomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics, Histone variantsNSW
MrYorgi MavrouPhD studentSydney UniversityEpigenetics, exercise, type 2 diabetesNSW
DrYuri BobryshevGene expression and DNA methylation in Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinomaNSW
MrAbdullah Al EmranPhD CandidateUniversity of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI)Epigenetic regulation of drug resistance in cancerQLD
A/ProfBernard CarrollEpigenetic gene regulation in plantsQLD
DrBill LottSenior LecturerInstitute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland Institute of TechnologymiRNAQLD
A/ProfChamindie PunyadeeraResearch fellowQueensland University of Technology (QUT), BrisbaneQLD
Daniel BuchananQueensland Institute of Medical ResearchCpG island methylator phenotype in colorectal cancerQLD
DrEva BaxterPostdocQIMR Berghofer Medical Research InstituteEpigenetics in obesity and endometrial cancerQLD
DrEwa MichalakSenior Postdoctoral FellowStem Cells and Cancer Division, Walter and Eliza Institute of Medical ResearchGenomic and epigenomic factors regulating cell fate during mammary gland development and tumorigenesisQLD
A/ProfGeoff FaulknerSenior Research FellowMater Medical Research InstituteRetrotransposons and pseudogenesQLD
A/ProfJason LeeInternational Research Fellow Control of Gene Expression Laboratory, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Molecular epigenetics, Chromatin dynamics, Regulation of gene expression, Transcriptomics, Hypoxic signalling, Cancer metastasis QLD
DrJocelyn WidagdoPostdoctoral FellowQueensland Brain InstituteNeuroepigenetics, epitranscriptomicsQLD
A/ProfJohn MacMillanNeurogenetics, Trangenerational Epigenetics, NutrigenomicsQLD
DrJoshua MylneARC QEII FELLOWInstitute for Molecular Bioscience, University of QueenslandStudies of proteins involved in the epigenetic regulation of Arabidopsis developmental regulator FLCQLD
Kate HardieEpigenetic regulation of breast cancer genesQLD
MsKeat WeiPhD candidateGenomics Research Centre, Griffith Health InstituteDNA methylationQLD
DrKevin DudleyPostdoctoral FellowQueensland Brain Institute, BrisbaneEpigenetics and developmental programmingQLD
A/ProfLata VadlamudiNeurologistUniversity of Queensland and Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalEpilepsy, twin studiesQLD
MsLauren BourkeStudentEpigenetics Laboratory, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research InstituteDevelopmental epigeneticsQLD
MrMatt RiemannLecturer, Clinical EducatorGriffith UniversityPersonalised health; epigeneticsQLD
DrMatt SweetInstitute for Molecular Bioscience,ResTech Affiliate School of Chemistry and Molecular BioscienceHDACs as regulators of innate immunityQLD
Melanie AndrewsRole of HDAC6 and HDAC7 in regulating macrophage inflammatory responsesQLD
DrMelissa BrownUniversity of QueenslandEpigenetic regulation of breast cancer genesQLD
DrNeil YoungsonEpigenetics in the male germlineQLD
Ralf DietzgenUniversity of QueenslandSmall RNAs in regulating host-pathogen interactionsQLD
DrRoss TellamCSIRORoles of genomic imprinting and non-coding RNA in development and inteactions with the environmentQLD
Ryan TaftIdentification of small regulatory RNAsQLD
DrSarah HartenPostdoctoral ResearcherQueensland Institute of Medical ResearchCancer EpigeneticsQLD
Sean GrimmondSequencing the mammalian transcriptomeQLD
DrSmriti M KrishnaVascular Biology Unit, Queensland Research Center for Peripheral Vascular DiseasesEpigeneticsQLD
MsSonia CrystellaEpigenetics, Telomeres, epigenome researchQLD
DrTimothy BredySenior Research FellowQueensland Brain Institute, The University of QueenslandDNA methylation, histone modifications, non-coding RNAs, learning and memory, psychiatric disordersQLD
Tony VuocoloGenomic imprinting and non-coding RNA in development and inteactions with the environmentQLD
Trevor EppDiscovery of genes involved in epigenetic inheritance via ENU mutagenesisQLD
A/ProfVicki WhitehallQIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Epigenetic events contributing to the development of colorectal polyp and cancer subtypesQLD
South AustraliaSA
DrBastien LlamasSenior Research AssociateAustralian Centre for Ancient DNA, School of Biological Sciences, University of AdelaideAncient DNA, DNA methylationSA
MrBenjamin MayneStudentPlacental Development Lab, Robinson Research InstituteEpigenetics, DNA methylation, Gene ExpressionSA
DrCameron BrackenLaboratory Head Gene Regulation Networks Laboratory, Centre for Cancer Biology microRNAs in cancer SA
ProfClaire RobertsSenior Research FellowSchool of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health, The University of AdelaideEpigenetic programming of placental and fetal developmentSA
A/ProfDavid CallenBreast cancerSA
DrDimitrios CakourosPost-doctoral ResearcherSouth Australian Health & Medical Research InstituteEpigenetic mechanisms in stem cell renewal and lineage determinationSA
Eric SmithOesophageal Cancer; DNA methylation; microRNAsSA
Frank GruetznerGenome evolutionSA
A/ProfGreg GoodallmiRNAsSA
Hamish S ScottGametes and cancerSA
DrIain SearleLaboratory HeadUniversity of AdelaideReproductive development, non-coding RNAs and post-translational RNA modificationsSA
ProfJulie OwensThe University of AdelaideEarly developmentSA
DrKaren ChiamPostdoctoral FellowPlacental Development Lab, Robinson Research InstituteCancer, microRNAs, biomarkers, therapeuticsSA
DrMaxime FrancoisPostdoctoral FellowCSIROGuanine-quadruplex, Nutrigenomics, Alzheimer's diseaseSA
DrMichael MichaelLab HeadGene Expression Lab, Flinders Centre for Innovation in CancerEpigenetics and cancerSA
DrMichael RaynorHaematology/OncologySA
MsPaniz TavakoliPostgraduate studentCSIRO and The University of AdelaideEpigenetic, Cancer, G-quadroplexes,and many more..SA
DrPaul DrewSenior LecturerSchool of Nursing and Midwifery, Flinders Universitycancer, methylationSA
ProfRoss McKinnonPharmacogenomicsSA
Saira AliPhD CandidateFlinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, Flinders UniversitymicroRNAs in cancerSA
DrSarah Cohen-WoodsMatthew Flinders FellowBehavioural Genetic and Environmental Mechanisms Lab, School of Psychology, Flinders UniversityEpigenetics of behaviour and role of environmental factors such as stressors, exercise / yoga, and diet.SA
Stefan HiendlederAg animal genomesSA
DrTina Bianco-MiottoDame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories, University of Adelaide and Hanson InstituteEarly origins of disease / cancerSA
DrTod FullstonResearch FellowGamete & Embryo Biology Group, University of AdelaideReproductive Biology, Epigenetics - small non-coding RNAs & DNA methylation, Genetics, Paternal programmingSA
DrWayne LeifertPrincipal Research ScientistCSIRO Nutrition & Health ProgramGuanine quadruplexes, DNA damage, nutritionSA
DrAdele HollowaySenior Research FellowMenzies Research Institute, University of TasmaniaGene regulationTAS
DrAdele WoodhouseResearch FellowWicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of TasmaniaDNA methylation, Histone modifications, Alzheimer's disease, neuronal excitabilityTAS
MrAndrew J PhippsPhD CandidateWicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of TasmaniaNeurodegenerative disease- Alzheimer's disease, Neuroepigenetics.TAS
MsAparna Shree RainaPhD StudentUTASEpigeneticsTAS
DrJim StankovichTAS
DrJo DickinsonCancer, GeneticsTAS
DrKate Brettingham-MooreLecturerUniversity of TasmaniaProfiling transcription, chromatin remodelling, cancer epigenetics & radioresistanceTAS
DrPhillippa TaberlaySenior Research Fellow
Taberlay Lab, School of Medicine, College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania

Chromatin Remodellers, Nucleosomes, DNA methylation, 3D Epigenomes, Cancer, Neuroepigenetics
Ricardo De Paoli-IseppiPhD CandidateAustralian Antarctic DivisionDNA methylation, ageingTAS
DrSimon JarmanSenior Research ScientistAustralian Antarctic DivisionAge and environmental effects on epigenetic stateTAS
DrAjeet B SinghSenior Clinical Lecturer & Research FellowIMPACT Strategic Research Centre, School of Medicine, Deakin UniversityAntidepressant PharmacogeneticsVIC
MsAlice BarnettResearch AssistantGastro and Food Allergy, Cancer and Disease Epigenetics, MCRIEpigenetics, Immunology, CancerVIC
DrAnderly C. ChuehResearch OfficerWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchMitotic Signalling, Epigenetic Enzymes and Cancer TherapyVIC
DrAndrew KeniryPostdoctoral ResearcherWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetic control of pluripotency and differentiationVIC
DrAndrew SiebelBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes InstituteEpigenetic mechanisms & hyperglycaemic memory; Developmental origins of diseaseVIC
ProfAnthony J. Hannan VossHead, Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity LaboratoryEpigenetics and Neural Plasticity Laboratory, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbournegene-environment interactions, mouse models of cognitive and affective disorders, paternal transgeneratyional epigenetics, epigenetics in the healthy and disease brainVIC
DrAnne Kathrin VossWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchMYST histone acetyltransferases in stem cells, development and diseaseVIC
DrBeata UjvariSenior Research FellowDeakin UniversityGenetic and epigenetic organismal responses to environmental challengesVIC
Bilal SheikhWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchRole of the MYST family histone acetyltransferases Querkopf and Moz in stem cells during development and in the adultVIC
Bilal SheikhWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchRole of the MYST family histone acetyltransferases Querkopf and Moz in stem cells during development and in the adultVIC
MrBraydon MeyerPhD StudentCancer & Disease Epigenetics, Murdoch Children's Research InstituteEpigenetics, Leukaemia, Methylation, AML.VIC
MrBrent ThomsonSales and Marketing Manager, ANZ Abcam Epigenetics, Immunology, ELISA, mRNA VIC
ProfBrian DeanHeadThe Rebecca L. Cooper Research Laboratories, The Mental Health Research InstituteVIC
DrCarolyn de GraafPostdoctoral FellowWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchHaematopoesis, Single Cell RNASeq, Lamina Associated Domains, DamID, BioinformaticsVIC
DrChristine GicquelEpigenetics in Human Health and Disease Laboratory, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes InstituteImprinting disorders; fetal growth; IGF systemVIC
DrClara GaffImplementation of genetic technology and advances into healthcare practice; Genetic CounsellingVIC
DrColin O'DonnellVIC
DrCoralie ReichResearch ScientistAgriculture VIC / DEDJTREpigenetics in agriculture animalsVIC
DrCraig OlssonGenetic, epigenetic and environmental predictors of early life risk for depression and related disordersVIC
A/ProfDagmar WilhelmLaboratory HeadDepartment of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Monash UniversityNon-coding RNA and sex determinationVIC
MrDaniel Morales GarzaStudentUniversity of MelbourneMedical epigenetics; CancerVIC
DrDavid GodlerEpigenetics of the Fragile X mental retardation gene and its clinical implicationsVIC
DrDavid HawkesQuantitative methylation Analysis and ChIP on chipVIC
DrDebra FoleyApplied genetics; psychiatric (genetic) epidemiologyVIC
Denisia GeladasMurdoch Children's Research InstituteChildhood diabetes; Childhood obesity; Post-traumatic parental shock post diagnosis of diabetesVIC
ProfDouglas HiltonDirectorWalter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchMolecular networks; signal transduction pathways; genetics; blood cellsVIC
DrEe Ming WongPostdoctoral FellowGenetic Epidemiology Lab, Department of PathologyCancer epigeneticsVIC
ProfEmma WhitelawHeadDepartment of Genetics, La Trobe UniversityDiscovery of genes involved in epigenetic inheritance via ENU mutagenesisVIC
DrFaith KwaLecturer and Research Group LeaderEpigenetics in Human Disease Lab, RMIT UniversityEpigenetics, Haematological Malignancies and Ageing DisordersVIC
Gordon SmythVIC
MrGregory T KirkFounderThe Strand ClinicAutoimmune DiseaseVIC
DrHaloom RafehiResearch FellowHuman Epigenetics, Monash Universityepigenetics, epigenomics, diabetes, heart diseaseVIC
Hanah RodriguezPhD candidateHuman epigenetics laboratory, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes InstituteHistone modifications, diabetesVIC
DrHendrik FalkPost-docWalter& Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchCancerVIC
A/ProfIan CampbellPeter MacCallum Cancer CentreCancer GeneticsVIC
DrIan J MajewskiWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchMechanisms that influence hematopoietic stem cell functionVIC
Ishant KhuranaPhD studentBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institutegenome-wide DNA methylationVIC
DrIzhak HavivGenome-wide profiling of mRNA; epigenetic and genetic variation in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesityVIC
DrJacinta RyanVIC
Jamie GearingWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchVIC
A/ProfJeffrey Craig Senior Research FellowMurdoch Children's Research InstituteDevelopmental epigenetics including fetal development, cancer and mental healthVIC
DrJeffrey Raymond MannMurdoch Children's Research InstituteEpigenetics of germ and stem cell developmentVIC
MsJingyi TangPhD candidateDepartment of Medicine (RMH), University of MelbourneMalaria epigeneticsVIC
DrJoanne RyanPostdoctoral Research FellowMurdoch Childrens Rsearch InstituteEarly-life stress, mental health, epigenetic epidemiologyVIC
ProfJohn HopperVIC
A/ProfJose Maria PoloGroup LeaderDept of Anatomy & Developmental Biology and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash UniversityEpigenetics, reprogramming, pluripotency, hematopoiesis and hematologyVIC
DrJoseph P SarseroMurdoch Children's Research InstituteDevelopment of new therapeutic strategies for Friedreich ataxia using resources from the Human Genome ProjectVIC
DrJun OkabeEpigenetic regulation in diabetesVIC
DrKevin KnowerSenior Research OfficerPrince Henry's Institute, Monash Medical CenntreEpigenetic regulation of oestrogen biosynthesis in the breastVIC
Kim Good-JacobsonLaboratory HeadB cells and Antibody Memory Laboratory, Monash UniversityEpigenetic and transcriptional regulation of B cell responseVIC
DrKirby SiemeringVIC
DrKirsten HoggResearch FellowGerm Cell Development and Epigenetics Lab, Hudson Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetics, germ cell development, fetal programmingVIC
MsLauren PilkingtonCancer & Disease Epigenetics, Murdoch Children's Research InstituteMental health, Epigenetics, MethylationVIC
DrLin ZhangPhD StudentUniversity of MelbourneFamily history and colorectal cancer for Asian populationVIC
DrLee WongLaboratory HeadEpigenetics and Chromatin (EpiC) Research Lab, Monash UniversityChromosome and epigenetic research in stem cells and cancersVIC
DrMarguerite Evans-GaleaSenior Research OfficerMurdoch Children's Research InstituteEpigenetic modifications in Friedreich ataxiaVIC
DrMark RobinsonWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchStatistical bioinformatics for various types of epigenomics dataVIC
DrMark ZiemannResearch officerBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institutegenomics, systems biologyVIC
DrMarnie BlewittWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchEpigenetic control of gene expression in mammals, with particular interest in X inactivationVIC
A/ProfMary WlodekDevelopmental origins of adult diseaseVIC
DrMathew G LewseySenior LecturerCentre for AgriBioscience, La Trobe UniversityGenomics, Epigenomics, Systems Biology, PlantsVIC
DrMatthew StevensHPV and cervical cancerVIC
Matthew StevensPhD student University of Melbourne Breast cancer VIC
Melanie BahloVIC
DrMelita KenealyAbrrant methylation in myelodysplastic sydromes, and mechanism of action of demethylating agentsVIC
DrMiina OllikainenDevelopmental epigeneticsVIC
DrMichael DuffySenior Research OfficerDay/Bio21 University of Melbournemalaria, Plasmodium falciparum, alternative histones, bromodomains, chromatin structure, gene expressionVIC
DrMimi LK TangImmune mechanisms leading to allergic disease; novel prevention and treatment strategiesVIC
Natalie ThorneStatistical geneticsVIC
DrNicholas John OsborneEpidemiology of paediatric food allergy, gene/environment interactions and environmental toxicology.VIC
DrNick WongUniversity of MelbourneEpigenetics in cancer (Paediatric Leukaemia) DNA methylationVIC
DrNigel JonesEpigenetic regulation in epilepsy and the influence of environmentVIC
MsNitaa EapenStudent ResearcherMurdoch Children's Researcher InstituteEpigenetics, microbiome, gut health, immunologyVIC
DrPatrick WesternGroup HeadMonash Institute of Medical Researchgerm cell development, epigenetics, germ-line transmission of epigenetic informationVIC
MrPeter FransquetTechnical AssistantMurdoch Childrens Research InstituteEpigenetics, Developmental Origins of Health and DiseaseVIC
MrPeter HickeyPhD studentSpeed Lab, Bioinformatics Division, Walter and Eliza Hall InstituteBioinformatics, statistics, computational biologyVIC
DrPierre-Antoine DuguéResearch fellow Cancer Epidemiology Centre, Cancer Council Victoria Epidemiology, Cancer, Early detection VIC
DrQuentin GouilResearch FellowDepartment of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences, La Trobe UniversityEpigenetics; EpigenomicsVIC
ProfRichard SafferyGroup Leader; AEpiA TreasurerCancer & Disease Epigenetics Lab, Murdoch Children's Research InstituteDevelopmental epigenetics including fetal development, cancer and mental healthVIC
A/ProfRicky JohnstonePeter MacCallum Cancer CentreEpigenetic-based therapies for the treatment of cancerVIC
DrRimas LiubinasGeneral PractitionerChildhood injury illness prevention, illness preventative strategiesVIC
A/ProfRoss HannanRNA Pol I; Chromatin remodeling of rRNA genes; Dysregulation of ribsome biogenesis in development and cancerVIC
A/ProfSam El-OstaEpigenetics in Human Health and Disease Laboratory, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes InstituteHuman disease; gene therapy; epigenetic memory in diabetes and metabolism; heart disease; stem cellsVIC
ProfSamule F BerkovicEpilepsy researchVIC
DrSanna BarrandAssociate Research FellowDeakin University, Faculty of Healthdevelopment, cancer, epigeneticsVIC
Sarah AshleyPhD candidateCancer and disease Epigenetics, Murdoch Childrens Research InstituteVIC
DrSarah VoisinPostdocInstitute of Sports, Exercise and Active Living, Victoria Universitynutrition, exercise, sleep, circadian rhythm, genetics, DNA methylation, human studiesVIC
Sarah KinkelVIC
MrShuai LiPhD student The University of Melbourne twins and DNA methylation; breast cancer and DNA methylationVIC
ProfStephen TurnerARC Future FellowThe Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of MelbourneCD8+ T cell immunity, epigenomics, immunological memoryVIC
Terry SpeedWalter and Elisa Hall Institute of Medical ResearchAnalysis of epigenomic dataVIC
DrThomas MikeskaResearch AssociateTranslational Genomics and Epigenomics Laboratory; Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research InstituteCancer epigenetics, DNA methylation biomarkers, Molecular diagnosticsVIC
DrTim ThomasWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchEpigentic regulation of development and adult stem cellsVIC
DrTony GendallVIC
DrTrevelyan MenheniottResearch FellowMelbourne Children's Research InstituteEpigenetics, gastrointestinal stem cells and cancerVIC
MrVishal MistryPhD Research ScholarNano-biotechnology Research Laboratory, RMIT UniversityNanoparticle interaction with genesVIC
DrYuk Jing (Jane) LokeResearch OfficerMurdoch Childrens Research InstituteMethylation, twins discordant for diseaseVIC
Western AustraliaWA
A/ProfCarina Ecremen MarshallAssoc ProfSchool of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, University of WAAddiction genetics; population geneticsWA
DrDeidra YoungResearch Assistant ProfessorNeuropsychiatric Epidemiology Research Unit, University of Western AustraliaSchizophrenia, TwinsWA
MsFrancesca JonesPostgraduate StudentWHO Collaborating Centre for the Molecular Epidemiology of Parasitic Infections, Murdoch UniversityFunctional Proteomics of GiardiaWA
DrGareth BaynamVaccine genetics; evolution; cancer genetics; genetic applications of 3D facial analysisWA
DrIan Robert WalpoleHuman Dysmorphology and Intellectual Deficit Prelingual DeafnessWA
DrPhillip E MeltonSenior LectuerCurtin/UWA Centre for Genetics of Health and DiseaseEpigenetics of Compex DiseaseWA
A/ProfPilar BlancafortLaboratory HeadThe University of Western AustraliaWA
ProfRyan ListerFuture Fellow Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre of Excellence, The University of Western Australia Epigenomics of animals and plants WA
DrSam Buckberry Postdoctoral Fellow Lister Lab, The University of Western Australia Bioinformatics, Epigenomics, High-throughput sequencingWA
DrSarra JamiesonEpigenetics in the development of common childhood diseasesWA
A/Prof Scott G. WilsonPrincipal Investigator/Scientific Officer The University of Western Australiaepigenetics of autoimmune thyroid disease, epigenetics of bone disease, epigenetic regulation of reproductive endocrinology/PCOSWA
New ZealandNZ
Anna-Lynne Elizabeth RussEpigenetic and gene expression changes in the inflamed intestine in models of Inflammatory bowel diseaseNZ
DrArindam BasuSenior LecturerSchool of Health Sciences, University of CanterburyBehavioural epigenetics; Epigenetics of health services access and utilisation of care; Twin studiesNZ
Debina DarkerNZ
DrDonna BondPost-docDepartment of Biochemistry, University of OtagoRNA-directed DNA methylation and epigenetic control of flowering timeNZ
Emma Natasha BerminghamEffects of post-natal nutrition on epigenetic regulation of inflammatory bowel diseaseNZ
DrFelicia LowResearch FellowThe Liggins Institute, the University of AucklandThe role of epigenetics in the developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD)NZ
DrGrant JacobsComputational biology consultantBioinfoTools, DunedinChromatin structure; molecular interactions in gene regulation; epigenetics; computational biology; structural biologyNZ
Helen FitzsimonsHistone modifications in storage and retrieval of long-term memories in DrosophilaNZ
Ian M MorisonCancer epigenetics (childhood leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome); developmental epigenetics; imprinted genesNZ
Julia HorsfieldUsing zebrafish model to study chromosome architecture during cell cycle, gene expression, development and cancerNZ
DrMichelle ThundersSenior LecturerSchool of Public Health, College of Health, Massey University, WellingtonEpigenomics and health, toxicogenomicsNZ
DrNick WongSenior ScientistPacific Edge LimitedDNA methylation, RNA-Seq, Liquid BiopsiesNZ
Peter Kenneth DeardenEpigenetics in caste determination and epi evo devoNZ
Sue McCoardEpigenetic regulation of growth and development in livestock speciesNZ
DrTim HoreEpigenetics and Development, Department of Anatomy, University of OtagoEpigenetics, Development, Pluripotency, DNA methylation, TET proteins, Evolutionary GeneticsNZ
DrTracy HaleMassey University, AucklandRole of the linker histone H1 and Heterochromatin Protein 1 in chromatin and cancerNZ
MissZoe VincentGraduate StudentThe Liggins Institute, the University of AucklandDevelopmental and reproductive biology, epigenetic mechanismsNZ
DrSarah TsaoPostdoctoral researcherInstitute of Immunology and Cancer, Université de MontréalHistone deacetylationCanada
DrRhianna Che LakerPostdocRomain Barrès / University of CopenhagenEpigenetics, exercise and circadian rhythmsDenmark
DrMichelle Meredyth-StewartBiotec & Carl Gustav Carus Medical Faculty, Technische Universitaet DresdenMolecular MedicineGermany
MrMridul Balakrishnan NairPhD student Epigeneomics and cancer risk factors/ DKFZ - HeidelbergEpigenomics miRNAGermany
MsJeena GuptaNational Institute of Pharmaceutical education and Research (NIPER), PunjabMolecular biology and epigeneticsIndia
Federica GervasoniInternship studentINGM, MilanComputational epigenomicsItaly
DrMarcel CoolenMolecular Biology, Radboud University, NijmegenEpigenetics, cancer and neurobiologyNetherlands
ProfPhilippe CollasProfessor of Medical BiochemistryUniversity of OsloSpatial genome organization and nuclear architectureNorway
DrMuhammad UmerPostdoctoral FellowHealth Biotechnology Division, National Institute for Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad, PakistanCancer Epigenetics, Hepatocellulat Carcinoma, Breast Cancer, HCV infection, InflammationPakistan
DrIosefina Maria SpeersMethylationRomania
DrEva BaladaPrincipal InvestigatorVall d'Hebron Research Institute, BarcelonaEpigenetics, AutoimmunitySpain
Jeerawat NakkuntodChulalongkorn UniversityDNA methylation and autoimmune diseaseThailand
DrEfterpi PapouliSenior project managerCambridge Epigenetixmethylation, biomarkers, DNA modsUK
A/ProfFatemeh Haghighiinvestigate the epigenomics of complex human diseases in a systematic genome-wide fashionUSA
DrMurkesh VermaProgram Director, Branch Chief National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of HealthEpigenetics and epidemiology in cancerUSA
DrMurkesh VermaPost Doctoral Research FellowUT M.D. Anderson Cancer CenterATP Dependent Chromatin Remodeling, Histone PTM, DNA MethylationUSA