Epigenetics 2021 speakers

Our 8th Epigenetics scientific meeting, Epigenetics 2021, begins today, Wednesday 17th February!

Our Victorian local organising committee has been busy preparing a fantastic 3-day program, with session topics including single-cell epigenetics, stem cells, epigenetics in immunity, transgenerational epigenetics, clinical epigenetics and more.

You can check everything out at ausepi21.epialliance.org.au – and keep up with all the latest happenings on twitter at #AusEpi21.

We have a wonderful lineup of invited speakers, as well as poster sessions, video poster presentations, interactive coffee breaks, prizes and much much more!

We have many great speakers from across Australia and three international keynote speakers:

  • Rhys Allan (VIC)
  • Marnie Blewitt (VIC)
  • Liran Carmel (Israel)
  • Susan Clark (NSW)
  • Chen Davidovic (VIC)
  • Mark Dawson (VIC)
  • Nir Eynon (VIC)
  • Anthony Hannan (VIC)
  • Steve Horvath (USA)
  • Severine Lamon (VIC)
  • Kin-Anh Le Cao (VIC)
  • Heather Lee (NSW)
  • Ryan Lister (WA)
  • Allan McRae (QLD)
  • Jovana Maksimovic (VIC)
  • Boris Novakovic (VIC)
  • Katherine Pillman (SA)
  • Jose Polo (VIC)
  • Wolf Reik (UK)
  • Phillippa Taberlay (TAS)
  • Irena Voineagu (NSW)
  • Sarah Voisin (VIC)
  • Anne Voss (VIC)
  • Mark Ziemman (VIC)

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Did you know?

Epigenetics 2021 will beĀ our 8th scientific meeting – though our first virtual one!
PreviousĀ meetings have been:

2005 – Canberra, ACT

2007 – Perth, WA

2009 – Melbourne, VIC

2012 – Adelaide, SA

2013 – Shaol Bay, NSW

2015 – Hobart, TAS

2017 – Brisbane, QLD