Committee bio

Associate Professor Vicki Whitehall

A/Prof Vicki Whitehall is a group leader at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

Vicki has researched molecular aspects of colorectal polyps and cancers for over 20 years.

A major focus of Vicki’s work is the colorectal epigenome, how this is altered during tumorigenesis and how it may be exploited to improve patient outcomes.

Early in 2008, Sue Clark brought a handful of epigenetics researchers from Australia together to form the Australian Epigenetics Alliance. The AEpiA has now grown to a membership of over 400, with members spanning not only Australasia, but the globe.  We hosted our seventh flagship conference, Epigenetics 2017 in Brisbane, and our VIC team is busy preparing for Epigenetics 2020 in Melbourne in November – watch this space!