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Dr Sarah Voisin

Dr Sarah Voisin

Genetics & Epigenetics of exercise research group,

Institute for Health and Sport (IHES), Victoria University,

Melbourne, VIC

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Dr Sarah Voisin is an NHMRC early career fellow working as a senior postdoc within the Genetics & Epigenetics of Exercise research group at the Institute for Health and Sport (IHES), Victoria University.

Sarah uses advanced statistical and bioinformatics methods to understand how the epigenome interacts with intrinsic (age, sex) and extrinsic (exercise, diet) factors to influence human health.

During her PhD, Sarah developed a unique bioinformatics pipeline to systematically annotate the epigenome and used data mining to integrate complex genetic and epigenetic data from multiple cohorts and multiple tissues of the human body (Voisin et al., Genome Med 2015).

As a postdoc, Sarah established an epigenetic clock for skeletal muscle with collaborator Steve Horvath (Voisin, et al. JCSM 2020), available as an open-access Bioconductor R package (MEAT), to predict biological age using muscle DNA methylation profiles. Subsequently, she used data mining and her extensive network of collaborators to meta-analyse results from 12 cohorts and 1,000 human muscle samples (Voisin, et al. JCSM 2021), which identified robust, age-related epigenetic changes in muscle. She has made these results available as an open-access, user-friendly webtool called MetaMeth.

Early in 2008, Sue Clark brought a handful of epigenetics researchers from Australia together to form the Australian Epigenetics Alliance. The AEpiA has now grown to a membership of over 600, with members spanning not only Australasia, but the globe.  In February 2021, our Victorian local organising committee hosted our eighth flagship Epigenetics conference, online for the first time.  Our NSW team is now busy preparing for Epigenetics 2022, which will be held in September in Kingscliff, NSW.